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In 1492, Columbus took the longest cotton from the Caribbean Islands and introduced it to the world as “The Sea Island Cotton”. The Americans and Egyptians adapted it between the 17th and 18th century. St. Vincent (V135), a Sea Island cotton, was adapted in India and released as “SUVIN” in 1974. Suvin is a fascinating story of how a wonder fiber, that had its origins thousands of miles away, came to India a century ago to capture the imagination of a nation. With 2.7 to 3.1 mic and 38 to 40 mm in length, it is the finest and longest staple cotton in the world, making it the only commercially available fiber, with spin ability of 300s Ne count and above. Suvin is truly the Jewel in the Indian Cotton Crown. Appachi has mastered the art of growing and ginning of unadulterated, contamination free and rupture free Suvin, for over 4 decades.

The Appachi Eco-logic Project is bringing together farmers of the Kabini region, encouraging them to grow traditional varieties of cotton and helping them to convert from genetically modified cotton to growing environmentally friendly Eco-Logic cotton, thereby eliminating harmful pesticides and insecticides helping to revrse the damage done to water resources and animal life in the region. The project also educates farmers in traditional and scientific methods of growing sustainable and high quality cotton consistently.

Appachi Cotton Types2.5% Span LengthBundle Strength (1/8'' gauge)Micronaire ValueQualityCrop Availability
Eco-Logic ELS-3636 mm29-303.0-3.5 NCLContamination ControlledOct-Apr
Eco-Logic ELS-3535 mm28-293.0-3.5 NCLContamination ControlledOct-Apr
Eco-Logic ELS-3434 mm26-273.0-3.5 NCLContamination ControlledOct-Apr
Eco-Logic ELS-3333 mm24-263.2-3.5 NCLContamination ControlledSep-DEc(winter)
Eco-Logic LS-3232 mm23-253.5-4.5 NCLContamination ControlledSep-DEc(winter)
Eco-Logic LS-3131 mm23-253.5-4.5 NCLContamination ControlledSep-DEc(winter)
Eco-Logic LS-3030 mm23-253.5-4.5 NCLContamination ControlledSep-DEc(winter)
Eco-Logic High Mic CottonNANA6.0-8.0 NCLContamination ControlledNov-Jan(winter)